Calm Fire – Expel Fire Toxin Formula

Calm Fire


Chuan Xin Lian – green chiretta/ kariyat/andrographis – Herba Andrographitis
Ban Lan Gen – woad/indigo/isatis root – Radix Isatidis seu Baphicacanthi
Pu Gong Ying – dandelion – Herba Taraxaci
Lian Qiao – forsythia fruit – Fructus Forsythiae Suspensae


Fire Toxins or Toxic Heat is Heat that has accumulated into a swelling or sore.

Traditionally this formula is designed for Toxic Heat sore throat (red and sore) however I have found that you can expand the use of it for all kinds of Excess Toxic Heat like cold sores, cystic acne or breast abscesses. Safe and effective to use with breast feeding for ducts blocked due to Heat.

I have even expanded it to use for people who have a Heat-type constitution, and/or over indulge in alcohol occasionally, and get toxic Heat-type symptoms, like acne, crop up sometimes. I tell them to take it for a few days at regular dose until the symptoms go away.

Standard dosage – 5 – 10 ml’s or 5 – 10 grams/dose

Increase or decrease as the patient’s pattern and severity of symptoms dictate.

Especially increase in the case of severe symptoms where the patient will be taking it for only a few days.

Decrease dosage as symptoms gets improve.

This formula EXPELS Toxic heat, consequently it makes the Heat come out of the skin. This means it is possible it makes the skin condition worse first. Redder, more painful, pus being expressed (expelled) out of the skin. Prepare your patient for this so they do not think anything is wrong when it happens.

For sore throat is works really well if you catch it early, as soon as the symptoms start to show


Do not use unless Excess Heat is present. It is Bitter and Cold and will damage the Middle Jiao otherwise.
Will cause digestive upset and loose stools/diarrhea if too much is taken or the formula is taken once the Toxic Heat has gone away.
Chuan Xin Lian is listed as use with caution during pregnancy.

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